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About Us

The Petite Designers after school curriculum was created with the intention of offering its students, through Fashion Design and Sewing, valuable constructive skills for their personal and professional growth.


The idea for our after school fashion design and sewing classes is rooted in our desire to offer a dynamic program that allows children ages 7-15 to explore the world of fashion design and sewing while building a solid foundation that would inspire them to pursue a vocation or professional career in the field.

Diana created this after school curriculum with the intention of encouraging children to develop their creativity through fashion design and sewing
Program Creator

Diana Jelkh

Diana established her career at a young age and soon after opened her own Fashion Design Studio. Diana has designed and manufactured clothing for TV commercials, unique lines of jackets and blouses for different boutiques, uniforms for administrative professionals in various companies along with charity fashion shows for many international organizations.

Our mission is to cultivate children's personal and social growth through sewing and fashion design
Our Mission

“To discover, develop, and establish the petite designer's talents and abilities necessary to cultivate his or her personal and social growth in creative, aesthetic and vocational practices through sewing and fashion design”

We encourage ourstudents to work in a particular project during their sewing classes and use it as a donation for those in need
Sewing for Others

At Petite Designers, we believe that caring about others is essential for one's personal growth. As part of our curriculum, our students will be encouraged to complete a project to give. This project will allow them not only to learn how to design and sew garments and accessories, but also the value of generosity.

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