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More Than Just Sewing Classes: Fashion Design Summer Camp!

Summer Sewing and Fashion Camp Weston

There are hundreds of fantastic summer camps across the United States that offer children hundreds of activities – from hiking and swimming to playing tennis or soccer to painting and singing. It is just a camping paradise for children and their parents. However, there is only one, unique summer camp that provides children with an opportunity to become young fashion designers.

Petite Designers Sewing and Fashion Design Institute has launched a unique program with an interactive curriculum you won’t find anywhere in the US. Our mission is not only to provide future designers with sewing classes and teach them the basics of garment construction, but also to let them discover the magical world of fashion and creativity. Sewing classes are essential indeed, but sewing itself doesn’t make one a real designer. In our summer camp, we help children grow as individuals and find their own ways of applying the knowledge and skills they acquire to generating ideas and turning these ideas into reality.

Summer Sewing and Fashion Camp Boca Raton

We are proud to have so many talented and enthusiastic petite designers every year, and we believe that this summer won’t be an exception. Our summer camp is more than just an ordinary camp: it is an opportunity for children to realize how bright and creative they are, and to find new ways to develop their personal growth.

If you would like to register your child for our SUMMER CAMP or need any additional information, please visit our website or contact us at 954-465-042. We are looking forward to meeting new children who want to enjoy their perfect summer season with a perfect summer camp!

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