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The Wonderland of Summer Camps

Summer Sewing Camp Broward

In addition to beautiful weather, summer breaks not only bring a lot of happiness and excitement to kids, but also a lot of challenges to their parents. Families where both parents need to work are always looking for things to keep their kids busy and entertained. When mothers create to-do lists for their kids, they usually come up with such activities as reading books, riding bikes and scooters, swimming or walking, etc. However, these activities are not enough to help kids not feel bored and abandoned during the summer break. At school, kids are socially engaged: they participate in afterschool activities and events and can interact with their peers. When summer comes, a lot of kids leave their homes and go visit friends or relatives. But what happens to those who don’t have family in other cities or countries? What about those kids whose friends leave for the entire summer? What is left for those parents who rely on after school programs during the academic year? A perfect solution is always out there. And the solution we offer today is a summer camp.

Sewing Camp for Kids

For those who have been to summer camps, it is not surprising to hear about all the benefits of these awesome programs. Some of you might have met your best friends there and learnt a lot of things that still matter to you as an adult. Everybody who has ever experienced life in a summer camp knows about all the positive effects and experiences that can positively influence a child's live. First of all, for kids it is important to spend at least an hour per day being physically active. Summer camps offer a whole variety of physical activities for kids, and let them stay active much longer than just for an hour. Second, kids never feel abandoned because they find themselves in an amazing, colorful world of childhood, and under these circumstances they easily make friends and don’t feel bored. They grow more independent and sociable, they have plenty of time to acquire new skills, and they learn to solve problems and find compromises. They learn to be humans.

Our Sewing and Fashion Design Institute has developed an exclusive summer camp program for kids which includes sewing classes, fashion design, after school programs, and a summer camp for the petite designers. We are more than happy to teach every kid who is interested in designing and creating. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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