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After School Programs: In Search of a Solution

There comes a moment when all parents start asking themselves whether they should let their kids attend any after school programs. The answer is: YES! Modern kids begin learning the basics of mathematics and reading before they go to school, and in school these subjects become predominant and take all their attention and time. However, no matter what kids do in school, they always need something special, something personal, something they can do with love and passion, something more than what they have to do or learn. This is where after school programs come into play. After school programs let kids with similar interests communicate and learn from each other. Not only do they acquire dancing, singing, painting, or sewing skills, but also make friends, develop their personalities, and explore the world.

After school programs are offered not to satisfy parents’ ambitions; they are designed for kids to help them find their passion. Parents, however, can also benefit from these programs. Today, when families rely on both parent’s income, after school hours can be very challenging for parents working full-time. We know how hard it is to find things to do for kids when their classes are over, and after school programs are a perfect solution for this problem. Knowing that their kids are safe and sound, that they are engaged in inspiring creative activities with their peers, that they are treated with love and understanding is the most important thing for parents.

Today, the interest for after school programs is constantly increasing. According to Joseph Durlak (Loyola University) and Roger Weissberg (University of Illinois), more than 7 million kids in the United States stay without supervision of adults during some time after school, which negatively affects their social, personal, and academic development. On the other hand, kids who participate in after school programs improve significantly their communicative skills and school performance.

Our Fashion Design and Sewing Institute is proud to offer an exciting, interactive after school program where kids have an opportunity to develop their sewing and designing skills and discover the world of fashion, art, and beauty. If you require any additional information regarding our Fashion Design and Sewing Classes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you!

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